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A graphic of several publications stacked on top of each other.In this section you will find a variety of articles and publications related to NEMSIS and EMS data collection.

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Fact Sheets

State Information regarding EMS and HIPAA & NHTSA as Public Health Authority

Legal Opinion Letter Regarding HIPAA


Version 3 Data Use Agreement (DUA) Examples

Version 3 Data Sharing Agreement Documents


  • A copy of a guide for using the NHTSA NEMSIS Version 2.2.1 dataset entitled "Data Entry Navigation Logic Document" as recommended by the EMS Performance Improvement Center (EMSPIC) is available for public use.  The EMSPIC was an essential partner with the NEMSIS TAC for the development of the NEMSIS NHTSA Version 2.1.1 dataset, offering experience and best practice recommendations on the use and documentation of the dataset by EMS professionals. The EMSPIC provided this document as an example for software developers.

    The navigation logic document describes how each of the NHTSA NEMSIS Version 2.2.1 data elements can be presented to an EMS software user in the most efficient way while improving data quality and validity.

    The EMSPIC developed this document based on years of experience in developing EMS data entry tools and data analysis systems.

    If you have any suggestions on how to make this document better, please forward them to Karen Jacobson at the NEMSIS TAC or Jeff Robertson at the EMSPIC for consideration. The EMSPIC maintains this document on the EMSPIC website (www.EMSPIC.org) for everyone’s use.


  • A copy of the "State Traffic Safety Information System Improvement Grants" announcement from the Federal Register

  • A compilation of current State and Territory laws or rules pertaining to the collection and protection of EMS data. This is a living document so changes and additions will be made on a continual basis


  • The American College Of Emergency Physicians. The National Report Card on the State of Emergency Medicine, 2006.

  • Lessons Learned from Model EMS Data Systems Document. This document was created by the National EMSC Data Analysis Resource Center (NEDARC) in response to a technical assistance request. The document provides information about what some states have learned during the course of developing an EMS data system.

  • Mears, G., Dawson, D., & Ornato, J. (2002). Emergency Medical Services Information Systems and a Future EMS National Database. Prehospital Emergency Care, January/March 2002, Volume 6, Number 1, 123-30.

Additional NEMSIS Documents

Past Versions of Best Practices Spotlight

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