NEMSIS Data Exchange (NDX)
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What is NEMSIS Data Exchange (NDX)?

The NEMSIS Data Exchange (NDX) developed by the NEMSIS Technical Assistance Center (TAC), is the portal used by EMS state agencies and EMS software vendors to submit data to the national EMS database.


Why did we develop NEMSIS Data Exchange (NDX)?

  1. To provide a secure, fast and reliable data submission channel for states and vendors to NEMSIS TAC.
  2. To automate data processing, provide feedback and data quality reports in real time.
  3. To provide a forum-like system to facilitate communication between states, vendors, and NEMSIS TAC.


How does the NEMSIS Data Exchange (NDX) work?

The NDX portal requires users to upload data and metadata files in XML format. Metadata consists of information that describes data and is used to provide documentation for the data.

NDX will validate the XML files against an XSD (XML Schema Definition) existing on the web server. If the XML file validates, a success notification is provided. If the validation fails, either because the file does not meet the requirements in the schema or the file was not formatted correctly, a report is provided with a table of errors and frequencies.

EMS data submission files should be configured in NHTSA 2.2.1 XML (eXtensible Markup Language) format using the data definitions described in the NHTSA data dictionary.

Only State EMS Agency personnel are currently allowed to have access to NDX.

How do I request an account to start using NDX?

Contact Karen Jacobson (Karen.Jacobson@hsc.utah.edu)


How do I start using the NEMSIS Data Exchange (NDX)?

See a data submission demo by clicking here.


Click here to access NDX