NEMSIS Web Services

Web Services for NDX data submission

We provide this interface for state and vendors who wish to upload small size data files continuously to NEMSIS TAC.

Parameters expected

There are 8 parameters expected:

  1. UserId: This is your NDX user ID.
  2. Passwd:This is your NDX password.
  3. State: This is the state acronym that belongs to the data file being uploaded.
  4. fileName: This is a file name you create for your own reference. The system will automatically assign a different name to your file.
  5. fileContent: This is the content of the file encoded using Base64 notation. For .NET users, Base64 encoding is available in the .NET core library. For Java users, you can download one public domain Java class from http://iharder.sourceforge.net.
  6. fileType: This value indicates the file type before Base64 encoding. Two possible values: txt or zip.
  7. isDemographicData: This value indicates the data file type. Two possible values: true or false.
  8. xsdVersion: This is the NEMSIS xsd version used to create the file being uploaded. It should be 2.2.1 if you are using the current NEMSIS schema.

Major considerations for implementing web services client:

Using Web Services for uploading files over 5MB is not reliable. Because of this we have set the maximum size for “fileContent” to 5 MB. Note that “fileContent” size is different from the original file size because the final file size of Base64 encoding = roughly 1.37 x original file size + 814 bytes (for header). Consequently, if an original file size is bigger than 3.6MB it may be rejected by the system. To prevent this issue we recommend that the file is "zipped" prior to encoding.