EMS Agency Reports and Public Training Sessions


NEMSIS Public Webinar Training Session - 3rd Thursday of Each Month at 10:00 (Mountain Time)

Next Training Session: May 18, 2017 to learn about the EMS Strong Dashboard, using v2 data about EMS Agencies & Responses
The NEMSIS TAC will demonstrate the new “EMS Strong Dashboard”. Using 2015 and 2016 v2 data learn how many States and EMS agencies contribute to NEMSIS. Discover the count of EMS activations there are and the general information regarding types of EMS Agencies and responses.

Target Audience: All EMS Stakeholders

1. Learn how many EMS agencies contribute through their States for 2015 and 2016.
2. Discover type of EMS agencies represented in NEMSIS by Level of Service, Organizational Type, and Urbanicity
3. Review Top 5 Impressions, Symptoms, and Cause of Injury.

Public Webinar Training Session Information
NEMSIS V2 - EMS Strong Dashboard

Date: May 18, 2017

Time: 10:00-11:00 Mountain Time; 12:00-1:00 Eastern; 11:00-12-00 Central; 9:00-10:00 Pacific


Webinar Link:   https://join.me/802-541-759

Conference Phone Line: 213-226-1066
Access Code: 802-541-759

Host: Karen Jacobson
Presenter: Kevin White

EMS Strong - v2.2.1 2015-16 data (May 2017)

Log in to the EMS Agency Service Area Builder

Purpose: This online tool will help EMS Agencies identify the Zip Codes, County Codes, and Census Tract Codes in each State that are included in their Service Area.

  dAgency.05 - EMS Agency Service Area States
  dAgency.06 - EMS Agency Service Area County(ies)
  dAgency.07 - EMS Agency Census Tracts
  dAgency.08 - EMS Agency Service Area ZIP Codes

NEMSIS Version 3 EMS Agency Service Area Builder - Training Video (live webinar recorded on May 19th, 2016)

Service Area Builder NY Example


NEMSIS TAC Version 2.2.1 Standard Reports - Pre-Created

To access the NEMSIS v2.2.1 National Reporting Services Pre-Created Reports:
Use the username and password listed below:

Username: nemsispublic

Password: Nemsis@tac

National reports were developed by the NEMSIS TAC in 2007-2008 using the national subset of data and making this information available publicly. One intent of these reports, and their detailed specification, is for EMS software companies to build local reports based on the national reports. Once created, this will allow EMS agencies to pull the same information available at the national level to allow for comparison and benchmarking.

During the Spring of 2014 the NEMSIS TAC updated the report folders to allow for more intuitive use of the available reports. The specifications for each report are listed below based on the new report categories.

Please Note: Reports below not underlined (no hyperlink) do not have an associated specification document.

NEMSIS v2.2.1 Report Specification Categories


Cardiac Arrest Reports

Data Quality Report

  • Current Composition of the NEMSIS Data Warehouse

Elapsed Time Report

EMS Agency Reports

Pediatric Reports

  • Pediatirc Frequency Report
  • Pediatric User Generated Report

Trauma Reports

Urbanicity Reports

  • Urbanicity Frequency Report
  • Urbanicity User Generated Report