National EMS Database Description

Welcome to the section of the NEMSIS website focused on reporting from the National EMS Database. Items placed on this introductory page are designed to aid in the interpretation of reporting materials found on pages specific to National Reporting, State Reporting and EMS Agency Reporting.

  • Comparison of NEMSIS Compliant State Datasets: This document compares the contents of State EMS registries that are now NEMSIS compliant (NHTSA 2.2.1). (updated 04-03-2014)
  • State Recommended Dataset: This document was created by the Data Manager's Council of NASEMSO to help states that have not yet developed a dataset decide which elements of the NEMSIS 2.2.1 are relevant to what other states are collecting.
  • Measuring Urbanicity: Urban Influence Codes: Use this link to learn more about Urban Influence Codes. The National EMS Database utilizes urban influence codes to define urbanicity for reporting purposes. Refer to the following link (Link) to discover how urban influence codes are classified into categories of urbanicity for NEMSIS.
  • Comparision of State EMS Registry Inclusion Criteria: This document compares criteria used by states to define patients to be included in state EMS registries.
  • Extended Definition Document NEMSIS 2.2.1: This document provides definitions for common terms contained in the NEMSIS Data Dictionary.
  • Current Composition of the National EMS Database: This Spreadsheet has been developed into a National Report and is located under the "Reporting Tools" tab. For security reasons, you must follow the procedure for viewing National Reports. Click the link above and follow directions: Access Reports click the blue "Access Reports" button, then "I Agree" >> and to enter the appropriate credentials click the "Proceed" button >> enter the user name and password >> click the "View National Reports" folder >> and the "Data Quality" folder >> then choose the "Current Composition of the National EMS Database" report.
    This report is currently updated weekly with records received by the NEMSIS TAC the previous week moved to the National EMS Database. It indicates the number of records submitted by each state ( by incident year and quarter).