Access Reports

We are excited to release the national NEMSIS reporting system!  Listed below is a link to EMS specific reports generated from the current contents of the National EMS Database.  The purpose of this notation is to give you a brief tutorial regarding how to access and fully utilize the enclosed national EMS reporting system.

How to Access the National NEMSIS Reporting System You will note that the site is divided in three different areas: National Report Specifications, National Reports and User-Generated Reports. "National Report Specifications" contains the actual specifications used to generate each report. You must use Internet Explorer to generate and view reports. If you are a Macintosh user we recommend Safari for a closer experience. Once you access “National Reports” or “User-Generated Reports”, you will find folders containing reports on different areas of interest to EMS.  The reports are dynamic and can be customized.  To generate a customized report just choose the parameters of choice and click on “View Report”. The report will query the National database and it will display the customized report in a few seconds.

How to Customize Reports:  National Reports allow you to choose a time-frame of interest, and choose the statistic displayed.  For example, charts displaying elapsed times can be generated using 90% or 50% fractiles.  Each dynamic report may be re-generated in many common formats (including PDF, Excel file, etc) or printed from your computer.  You can also choose to remove missing and null values from the chart you generate.  User-Generated Reports focus on areas of special interest and maximize the user’s ability to manipulate the sample included in the generated report.        

Description of Report Structure:  Each report contains a header that indicates the number of reporting states, the chosen date range, the criteria used to select records for chart inclusion and how many records (i.e., cases) were included in the chart.  Footnotes on the second page of the report provide valuable information regarding the specifications of the report.  Links to additional information important to a specific report (e.g., the definition of ethnicity) are also provided. 

We welcome any comments regarding the content or structure of the reporting system.  Just send us an email at: kevin.white@hsc.utah.edu

To access the reports, click the following button: Access Reports