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Appropriate Use Agreement for the NEMSIS National Reporting System

The National Emergency Medical Services Information System (NEMSIS) Technical Assistance Center has developed this web-based reporting system to support the information needs of local EMS agencies, professional organizations and State EMS Authorities. The reports may be used only for the purposes for which it is provided. Any effort to determine the identity of any reported case or EMS agency, or use of the information for any purpose other than for statistical reporting and analysis, is prohibited.

Responsibilities Associated With the Use of NEMSIS Reports:

  1. Use the data for statistical reporting and analysis only.
  2. Make no attempt to learn the identity of a case or EMS agency included in these data.
  3. Understand that the data are not “population-based” and do not represent conditions of the nation or any individual state submitting data to NEMSIS.
  4. Understand that the data are not formally “cleaned” and represent the information as submitted by each state.

If you have read and agree to comply with the above Statement of Responsibility, click on the I agree button below.

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