State Reporting Tools

Version 2 State Dashboards

State Performance Dashboards: NEMSIS State Performance Dashboard (Posted November 10, 2014)
Note: Please use Firefox, or IE 11 to view the Dashboard.

Reports based on the NHTSA EMS Performance Measures (PDF version)

Cardiac Arrest Dashboard - State View: NEMSIS Cardiac Arrest Dashboard (Posted March 23, 2015)

Stroke Transport Dashboard - State View: NEMSIS State Stroke Transport Dashboard (Posted August 18, 2015)

Version 3 State Dashboards

State Version 3 Current Composition of the Warehouse: State V3 Current Composition of the Warehouse (NEW: May 8, 2017)

State Version 3 Data Profile Dashboard: State V3 Data Profile Dashboard (NEW: May 31, 2016)

State Version 3 Data Quality Dashboard - State View: State V3 Data Quality Dashboard (NEW: April 28, 2016)

State Version 3 Data Submissions Dashboard - State View: State V3 Data Submissions Dashboard (NEW: February 26, 2016)

NEMSIS Version 3 State Data Set Builder - State Data Manager Information

EMS agencies and their software vendors must have certain information about their state’s requirements in order to accurately configure their patient care reporting software to meet state requirements. The NEMSIS Technical Assistance Center has created a StateDataSet XML Schema (XSD) to provide a consistent format in which to share NEMSIS V3 state-specific information.

The NEMSIS TAC provides a State Data Set Builder to enable state data managers to generate State Data Set files.

NEMSIS V3 State Data Set Builder - link

NEMSIS V3 State Data Set Builder - State Data Manager User Guide (pdf) (updated January 15, 2016)

NEMSIS V3 State Data Set Builder - Training Webinar link (Posted May 14, 2015)
- Please view in Firefox or Google Chrome

Software Developer Information regarding the NEMSIS V3 State DataSet Builder
Vendors of state-level systems are encouraged to develop the ability to generate state-specific resources in the StateDataSet format. Vendors of local-level systems are encouraged to develop the ability to process StateDataSet information in the configuration of their systems. State Data Set files are published in the NEMSIS 3 state repositories.

NEMSIS StateDataSet XML Schema(xsd)
NEMSIS StateDataSet Data Dictionary/API/XSDs

NEMSIS V3 StateDataSet File: Software Developer Technical Guide (pdf) (Posted January 15, 2016)


State Data Cube

The NEMSIS State Data Cube has been developed to provide state members access to their own NEMSIS data. The authorized users have general data browsing access to a subset of elements extracted from the National EMS Database. 

A series of tutorials have been created to familiarize the user with the tools and features of the data cube interface. They can be found by clicking here or by going to our homepage and selecting from the top menu: Data Center -> Data Reporting -> Reporting Demos. We STRONGLY encourage review of the tutorials before attempting to use the data cube interface.

Requirements to Connect to the State Cube:

  1. Use Internet Explorer (version 7.0 or higher) as your browser
  2. Use the username and password provided to you by NEMSIS. (same as NDX)
  3. Optional: Register nemsis.com as a secure site for proper exporting of data.
    • On your IE browser click on Tools > Internet Options > Security tab
    • On the Security tab choose Local intranet and click on Sites and Advanced button
    • On the Add this website to the zone: enter https://www.nemsis.org and click Add button
    • Click on the Close button and click OK button

Access to the state cube is available at:



Be aware that if your Internet Explorer settings are set to warn you about security, you might get the message below when trying to export: "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer blocked this site from downloading files to your computer. Click here for options..." To avoid losing your work ignore this message and click on the export icon again.




State Peer-Group Comparisons

One important purpose of the National EMS Reporting System is to allow states to benchmark EMS performance. To accomplish this task we asked states to identify 3-5 additional states, whose data may serve as a "Peer Comparison Group" to benchmark against. These states EMS data will be aggregated to provide benchmark information. States are in the process of identifying their Peer Comparison Group.