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The "Support" area of the NEMSIS website is geared towards those individuals who are looking for support on implementing a NEMSIS compatible data system or for help with their current NEMSIS data system.

Information specific for each State EMS Data Collection Plan is available based on either the NEMSIS Version 2 or Version 3 data standard.

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The NEMSIS Version 2.2.1 Data Standard and the status for each state can be accessed by clicking on the state from the interactive State & Territory Map. In addition the State submisison schedule to populate the National EMS Databased is available here.


General information regarding State and Territory plans to transtion to the NEMSIS Version 3 standard is available. EMS Software Company plans for target dates for Version 3 compliance testing with the NEMSIS TAC are also available.

Specific NEMSIS Version 3 information for each State and Territory will be available via the interactive map.

The NEMSIS Version 3 National Library will be available in late 2013 with custom elements and other v3 information such as structural and clinical rules.

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