NEMSIS User Group(s)

Picture of individuals talking around a computer.The NEMSIS Technical Assistance Center provides different methods for communicating with the EMS community. There is a NEMSIS List Server available and discussions group courtesy of Google Groups.

We recommend that you join the NEMSIS List Server to stay up to date on NEMSIS and the national database and encourage you to also join the discussion group NEMSIS TAC. The NEMSIS TAC discussion group allows individuals and organizations to collaborate and interact with each other. We encourage the following individuals to join:

  • Software Vendors
  • State EMS Directors
  • EMS Data Managers
  • Local EMS Data Representatives
  • State Employees

Future content for our website will be gathered from questions and comments resulting from the various communities. We have a variety of topics designed to fit your needs! If you don't see one, suggest one! Start communicating with others who are involved in the NEMSIS project.

NEMSIS Version 3 Interactive Forum

The NEMSIS Version 3 Forum

The NEMSIS Version 3 Forum is a communication tool available to interested NEMSIS stakeholders. Anyone can view the site and the corresponding information. To post a revision request or comment on an existing request a user must have a NEMSIS user name and password. If you do not have one please contact Karen Jacobson or Monet Iheanacho.

NEMSIS TAC v3 Forums

  • Forum Information
  • Current v3 Revision Requests
  • Past v3 Revision Requests
    • v3.3.4 CR1 XML Schema
    • v3.3.4 CR1 Schematron
    • Version 3.3.3 Release Requests [for March 1, 2014 Release]
      • NEMSIS Version 3 Status Update of the 2013 Revision Requests
      • Final list of NEMSIS Version 3.3.3 Revision Requests (excel) (UPDATED 10-21-2013)
        The excel spreadsheet has multiple worksheets (v333 Revision Requests (all) by Element#, Major, Minor, Educational, CAD, and MedDevice)
    • XML Schema
    • Schematron
    • v3.2.6 Revision Requests
  • Version 3 Discussion
  • Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs
    • General FAQ (no login required)
    • Data Dictionary FAQ
    • XML Schema (no login required)


NEMSIS List Server

What is a List Server?

The NEMSIS List Server is an outgoing message tool used by the NEMSIS TAC management to inform the EMS Community about important facts and news items.

How to Subscribe?

In order to join the email list serve, you will need to "subscribe" to the service. Subscribing simply consists of submitting your email address and name to the "List Server." Simply click on subscribe to NEMSIS List Server to join.

*NEMSIS TAC does not sell or distribute personal information including email addresses.


NEMSIS Discussion Group

The NEMSIS TAC discussion group is general in nature and is intended to accommodate all NEMSIS topics, including technical software issues related to the NEMSIS Version 3 Dataset and migration to HL7. This is a private discussion group and NEMSIS TAC regularly monitors the discussion topics as well as the members. NEMSIS TAC reserves the right to remove a member for any reason at all. Any offensive remarks or materials will be subject to immediate dismissal.

To sign up simply enter your email below:


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