V3 - NEMSIS Version 3

These pages have been developed as reference pages for EMS stakeholders nation wide (EMS agencies, EMS professionals, and EMS software development companies). Information includes access to State and Territory Information as well as the NEMSIS Version 3 National Library (still in development).


  • State & Territory NEMSIS Version 3 Information - link:
    • The link brings the user to an interactive map for the states and territories. Information related to each state or territory requirements for NEMSIS Version 3 will be available here.
  • NEMSIS Version 3 National Library - link:
    • The NEMSIS Version 3 National Library will allow EMS stakeholders to search for and use information related to custom elements and rules to improve the quality of data.

October 2015
State plans to transition to the NHTSA / NEMSIS Version 3 standard.

Note: State planning and information will be updated as NEMSIS Technical Assistance Center staff interact with State EMS Officials.

EMS Software Company Primary Point of Contact for States &Territories -

EMS Software Companies provided information to the NEMSIS TAC regarding who their primary point of contact is for State and Territories. This information was collected to allow the State or Territory EMS Office personnel to reach out to the EMS software companies used by their EMS agencies. This will allow for more seamless communication. Thanks to the companies that provided this information.

  • The EMS Software Company Point of Contact List is available in two formats: Excel and PDF (Posted 06-02-2014; Updated 06-17-2014: Updated 01-07-2015)

March 2014
March 2014 NEMSIS TAC EMS Software Company - V3 Product Compliance Testing Survey

--> EMS Software companies may access the survey here [REMAINS Open ... updated 07-24-2014]

A survey is currently being conducted with EMS Software Development Companies to determine plans to transition their EMS products to the NEMSIS TAC for v3 Compliance Testing. The results of the survey are available below and will be updated as more responses are received.

  • Responses to the NEMSIS TAC EMS Software Company - V3 Prodcut Compliance Testing Survey:
  • To identify the EMS Software Companies which have successfully obtained Version 3 Compliance or are currently in the process, please access the NEMSIS Version 3 Compliant Software page.