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EMS Data Manager
Tim Erskine
Section Chief


OH Division of EMS
1970 W Broad Street
Columbia, OH 43218-2073

(614) 387-1951 or 800-233-0785
E-mail: terskine@dps.ohio.gov
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NEMSIS V3 Implementation Tools

State V3 Implementation Timeline

Information regarding the state transition to and implementation of the v3 Data Standard was last updated on December 19, 2016.

  1. Planned closure date for Version 2.2.1 data: March 31, 2017
  2. Went "Live" with Version 3.4.0: May 1, 2016
  3. Planned date for all EMS agencies to move to Version 3: April 1, 2017
  4. What NEMSIS Version will be used with the Roll-Out: v3.4.0
  5. Additional Information on the transition timeline:

    Important Announcements about Dates for Ohio’s EMS Incident Reporting System - March 21, 2016

    In order to stay aligned with national EMS data standards, Ohio’s EMS Incident Reporting System will be transitioning to Version 3 starting May 1, 2016.

    If you are a third-party software user:
    · The Version 3 ‘go live’ date is May 1, 2016. Data with a call date of August 1, 2016 or later must be in Version 3 format. Runs made between May 1 and July 31 may be in either Version 2 or Version 3 format. Our website for third-party software users and their vendors will be updated to focus primarily on NEMSIS Version 3.4.

· We will not accept EMSIRS Version 2 data with a call date later than July 31, 2016.

· We are working to alleviate the stress and strain associated with the transition from Version 2 to Version 3 to be minimal relative to the initial transition to the NEMSIS standard that took five years to complete.

· All of your Version 2 data must be submitted by August 5, 2016 as the Version 2 server will be taken offline immediately after that date.

If you are an EMSIRS web user (the reporting software available at no-cost through the EMS website):

· EMSIRS Version 3 for web entry will ‘go live’ May 1, 2016. You will be able to access the new system through the link listed on the EMS home webpage. All runs made on or after that date must be Version 3compliant and be reported through this new system. Runs made before that date must be reported through the current EMSIRS-2 website.

We will be holding general educational webinar sessions and will distribute an administrator manual and user manual prior to the ‘go live’ date.

These are very important dates.

Any questions, please contact us at EMSdata@dps.ohio.gov or 800-233-0785.


MESSAGE from Ohio EMS Office - March 7 2016:

Dear Ohio EMSIRS Developers, This communication is to update you on a few details related to the upcoming transition of the Ohio EMS Incident Reporting System.
  • NEMSIS V3.4 – We are moving directly to NEMSIS V3.4. We recognize that some software developers will require an adoption window to make this transition. Accordingly, we are requiring that EMS agencies continue to collect ePCR data, and they will “catch up” their data submissions once their software system is transitioned to 3.4 and EMSIRS is ready to accept 3.4.
  • State Data Set Builder – We worked with the NEMSIS TAC on developing a State Data Set Builder configuration for EMSIRS. The TAC has a set of resources available to software developers regarding specifics of the EMSIRS Version 3 implementation. This will include three State-specific custom element definitions, whose precise implementation will be documented in the TAC resources by virtue of the use of the TAC’s State Data Set Builder tool.
  • V3.4 Go Live – We recognize that software developers will require some implementation period now that the TAC resources are available for V3.4. These resources were published on February 17, 2016. Accordingly, we have established a “go live” date of May 1, 2016. There will be an ‘overlap’ period where both Version 2 and Version 3 data will be accepted. This will allow software developers to complete their configuration while their clients continue to submit to the current system.
  • Initial Schematron – The initial go live will utilize a standard Schematron file and will not enforce any State-specific rules. This will ease the transition of software developers to the new V3.4 submission format.
  • OH Schematron – We are now working on an Ohio-specific Schematron file in conjunction with the TAC and other resources. As the Ohio Schematron file is finalized, it will be provided as another resource on the TAC website. At that time, an implementation timeline will be determined that provides ample time for software developers to review and integrate the Ohio Schematron rules into their solution. During this adoption window period, we will then activate the Ohio Schematron file as an integrated component in the V3.4 data submission process, and, at that time, data submissions will be expected to comply with the Ohio Schematron. However, to be clear, this will not be required until after the Ohio Schematron file has been developed and a suitable implementation window has been established.
We hope these clarifications help answer any questions you may have. We feel confident that this plan will ease the transition of all EMS stakeholders to the new NEMSIS V3.4 schema.

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