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The Project

The NEMSIS Project is an effort to create a National EMS Database. The database will contain data from local and state agencies from across the nation.

This effort will define EMS and pre-hospital care in a way never before imagined, improving patient care and EMS curriculum and defining a standard on with to measure care.

Agencies across the nation will be able to share the key elements of their data nationally.



In This Section

The Partners

Individuals working together on scafolding to build a new system.Discover who made the National EMS Information System a reality. See the memorandum of understanding and the states and territories who signed it.

Participating States

Organizations Involved

How Can Your Organization Participate?

What is NEMSIS?

Read an overview of the NEMSIS project. Find a list of goals & objectives. View a diagram of the NEMSIS system, and compare needs and benefits.

Goals & Objectives

The System

Needs & Benefits


Read about the NEMSIS Technical Assistance Center and discover how the Technical Assistance Center can help you reach your goals of becoming NEMSIS compliant.

History of NEMSIS

Follow a timeline of the major events in the evolution of EMS data systems and the arrival of the National EMS Information System.

Steering Committee Members

A list of the members of the NEMSIS TAC Steering Committee.