What is NEMSIS?

NEMSIS is a national effort to standardize the data
cMagnifying Glass Analyzing Dataollected by EMS agencies.

NEMSIS stands for the National Emergency Medical Services Information System. NEMSIS is the national repository that will be used to potentially store EMS data from every state in the nation. Since the 1970s, the need for EMS information systems and databases has been well established, and many statewide data systems have been created. However, these EMS systems vary in their ability to collect patient and systems data and allow analysis at a local, state, and national level.

For this reason, the NEMSIS project was developed to help states collect more standardized elements and eventually submit the data to a national EMS database.

Benefits of a National EMS Database

Such a Database Will Be Useful In:

  • Developing Nationwide EMS Training Curricula
  • Evaluating Patient and EMS System Outcomes
  • Facilitating Research Efforts
  • Determining National Fee Schedules and Reimbursement Rates
  • Addressing Resources for Disaster and Domestic Preparedness
  • Providing Valuable Information on Other Issues or Areas of Need Related to EMS Care
  • And much more