Version 2 - Compliance Policy

Picture of the Compliance DocumentThe purpose of this section is to define “compliance” with respect to the NHTSA Version 2 Dataset. The term compliance (or “compliant”) may only be used by an EMS data system or EMS software vendor if the terms of the compliance policy are met in full.

No marketing of any EMS data product as being compliant with the NHTSA version 2.2.1 dataset may be done, except as defined in the compliance policy.

Note: The final compliance policy document was updated on 4/28/2006 to change the version number from "2.2" to "2.2.1".

An EMS Data System

An EMS data system is defined as any software associated with Emergency Medical Services that provides a mechanism to collect, document, analyze, or otherwise store and use data associated with an EMS event. This includes but is not limited to:

  • EMS dispatch data systems
  • EMS medical device data systems
  • EMS patient care documentation systems
  • EMS billing systems
  • EMS quality management or reporting systems.


Policy Overview

Compliancy SealAny EMS data system is “Compliant” at the “Silver” or “Gold” level with the NHTSA Version 2.2.1 Dataset when the following conditions have been met:

  1. The NHTSA Version 2.2.1 EMS Dataset is used within the EMS data system as defined.
  2. The NHTSA Version 2.2.1 Demographic Dataset is used within the EMS data system as defined.
  3. The NHTSA Version 2.2.1 XML standard is used to at a minimum export data form the EMS data system as defined.
  4. A structure within the EMS data system is in place to monitor and prevent any changes within the EMS data system away from the defined NHTSA Version 2.2.1 Dataset.

Validation and Marketing

The NEMSIS Technical Assistance Center (NEMSIS TAC) offers assistance to states, territories, and EMS software developers to become compliant with the NHTSA Version 2.2.1 EMS Dataset. Documentation, as defined in the Documentation section of the Compliance Policy (above), may be submitted to the NEMSIS TAC for validation.

Once the XML files and software documentation has been reviewed and validated, the NEMSIS TAC will post the EMS data system software name, product, platform, and version on this website as meeting the compliance standards associated with the NHTSA Version 2.2.1 Dataset.

Note: The NEMSIS TAC has received many inquiries about non-EMS incident reporting applications (i.e. Billing software) that may have a direct tie to a EMS Data System. The question has been, "Are they NEMSIS compliant?" The NEMSIS TAC offers this information:

Other software or medical devices that support EMS data systems may be Compatible with NEMSIS Compliant Software.  The term “Compatible with NEMSIS Compliant Software” is defined as any software capable of using the NHTSA Version 2.2.1 XSD standard as a method of exchanging (sending or receiving) data with any NEMSIS Compliant Software.  Examples may include a monitoring device providing vital sign information or a database “linking” to a NEMSIS compliant EMS data set.  Software or devices that are Compatible with NEMSIS Complaint Software have NOT undergone any sort of formal testing by the NEMSIS Technical Assistance Center.