Version 2 - Gold Compliant

The National EMS Information System Technical Assistance Center is please to announce that the EMS Software Packages listed below, have achieved NEMSIS Gold Compliance! It is important to acknowledge the significant effort required to obtain NEMSIS Compliance

EMS Software that has undergone NEMSIS v2.2.1 compliance testing should be tested again for compliance when a major change to the software is developed and released. A minor change in the software does not require the software product to undergo compliance testing again. Release notes can be submitted to the NEMSIS TAC for review.

Note: MicroSoft Internet Explorer is recommended when accessing information on this website.

What Does Gold Compliant Software Mean to Me as a Potential Customer?

Please remember as a potential customer that this list is just one of many tools you should use to evaluate the total package being offered to your organization. Any software package should be evaluated on its overall fit into your organization's needs. The vendor's web page may be accessed by simply clicking on the vendor name. For sales information, click on the following link.

Gold Compliant Software

*The NEMSIS Technical Assistance Center has established a policy to only disclose those
software packages that have successfully completed compliance testing process.

AccuMed Billing, Inc
eMedicReports, Version 3.7, Microsoft Windows, Web-Based
AccuMedWeb, LLC
eMedicReports, Version 4.0, Microsoft Windows, Web-Based
AeroMed Software
Areomed Software, Version 9.1, Microsoft Windows
Allegheny R&D
EMMA, Version 7.0, Microsoft Windows
Alpine Software Corp.
Red Alert NMX 2014.2, Microsoft Windows
AmbuPro EMS, Version 9.0, Microsoft Windows
American Medical Response
MEDS, Version 2.2, Microsoft Windows
Application Data Systems Inc. (ADSi)
DataForceWeb Fire & EMS, Version 1.0, Web-Based
Beyond Lucid Technologies
MediView Version 2013, Windows XP/7, Web-Based
Cognitech Corporation
Polaris, Version 1.4, Web-based
Colleton Software
MICS, Version 1.0.5, Microsoft Windows
Computer Investment Advice, Inc.
ESS/Ambulance, Version 4.5, Unix
Commerx Corporation
ePCR Charter , Version 2.1.1, Microsoft Windows
Corporate Technologies, LLC
Quick Trip , Version 2.1.1, Microsoft Windows
CR Management, Inc.
911 Meditrack, Version 2.3, Microsoft Windows, Web-Based

Creative EMS Solutions Inc.

Customized Computer Solutions
EMS Run Systems, iPad, Windows, MAC
Data in Motion
MoBi cPCR, v1.0, IOS
Digital Innovations
Collector EMS Server, Version 4.1, Microsoft Windows, Web-Based
EPTS, Version 5, Microsoft Windows, Web-Based and Pocket PC
RescueMedic, Version 1.6, Web-Based, Microsoft Windows
Emergency Reporting
Emergency Reporting System (ERS) , Version 7, Web-Based
Emergency Technologies, Inc
Visual EMS , Version 5.9, Microsoft Windows
emsCharts, emsCharts Pocket, emsCharts Mobile, Version 2.2, Microsoft Windows, Web-Based, and PocketPC
EMS Consultants, Ltd.
Prestige E-PCR, Version 7, Microsoft Windows
EMS Data Systems, Inc.
EMScan Gold, Version 1.x, Microsoft Windows
EMRecord Data Vault, Version 2.0, Web-based
ESO Solutions
ESO Pro, Version 3.2, Web-based
FIREHOUSE Software (Xerox)
Versiion 7x, FHnet 2.x, FHweb, FHmedic
Fire Tools Software/Business Micro Resource Corp.
FireToolsEMS, Version 10.0, Microsoft Windows,
FirePrograms Software
FirePrograms, Version 10, Microsoft Windows

FirstOnScene, LLC
OnSceneRMS with OnSceneEMS Module, Version, Web-Based

Forte Holdings, Inc / iPCR
iPCR, Version 2.9.0, Mobile and Desktop
Golden Hour Data Systems
GH Live, Version 2.0, Web-Based
Grayco Systems
EMSIS Rover, Provider, & Server Version 2.1.0 (Rover), 2.7.0 (Provider), & 2.1.0 (Server), Microsoft Windows
Healthware Solutions, LLC
Elyxer, Version 6, Microsoft Windows
High Plains Information Systems, Inc.
FireManager Version 5 and MedicManager Version 5, Microsoft Windows
IatroChart EMS, Version 1.01, Microsoft Windows, Mac, PC
EMS State Bridge, Version 3.0, Web-Based
EMS State Bridge, Version 4.0, Web-Based

IMC, Inc.
EMS Transport, Version 4.6, Microsoft Windows

Intermedix Technologies, Inc
Trip Tix, Version 2010, Web-Based


Macrologic Inc.
CodeRed EMS, Version 4.0, Web-Based, Microsoft Windows
Medical Claims Assistance, Inc.
EPIC, Version 2.0, Microsoft Windows
Med Media
EMStat WebCUR Gold, Version 1.0, Microsoft Windows, Pocket PC, Palm OS, and Web-Based
Medusa Medical Technologies, Inc.
Siren ePCR, Version 3.10 or greater, Microsoft Windows, Web-Based
NBS Fire-EMS, Version 1.x, Microsoft Windows
Open Frame LLC
Nitro PCR v0.2.00, Web, iOS, and Android
TriTech Software Systems (formerly Ortivus)
Fusion ePCR with NEMSIS Export, Version 6.0, Microsoft Windows
PURVIS Systems Incorporated
EMS Manager, version, Windows
RAM Software Systems, Inc.
AIM Billing & ePCR with NEMSIS Export Module, Version 4.1, Microsoft Windows, Web-Based
Response Data Engineering
Rescue Data Collections, Version 1.0, Microsoft Windows

Sansio (Formerly ScanHealth)
HealthEMS™, Version 4.1, Web-Based

SCM Products Inc.
EPCR, Version 1.47, Windows/IOS

Sean Werner Software
Emergency Medical Incident Reporting System (EMIRS), Version v4.0, Microsoft Windows / Web Based

Cloud PCR
Cloud PCR, Version v1, Web-Based / Azure
Software Systems and Products Corporation
FSIMS/NFIRS, Version 5.5, Microsoft Windows

Starwest Tech
RescuePCR Version 3.0, Windows
Zoi Version 2.0, iOS (iPAD)

Sweet Field Data and Billing
Fusion ePCR with NEMSIS Export, Version 5.3, Microsoft Windows

TraumaSoft ePCR 3.3, Web-Based

ZOLL Data Systems
FireRMS, Version 4.3, Microsoft Windows
RescueNet ePCR Suite,
Version 5.1, Microsoft Windows
RescueNet ePCR Suite, Version 5.4, Microsoft Windows - this version did not complete compliance testing as the product was a minor release only.

911 EMS Software, LLC
KEMS,Version 6.0, Microsoft Windows, Web-Based

NOTE: Download the NHTSA Version 2.2.1 FINAL EMS Dataset Compliance Policy to find out what Gold Compliance means...