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NEMSIS Data Elements

This section contains helpful resources and information related to the Version 2 release of NEMSIS.

Collage of Data Elements

In This Section

V2 Compliant Software

Looking for a Gold or Silver certified NEMSIS software package?

- Gold Compliant
- Silver Compliant

Becoming Compliant

The how-to-source for becoming NEMSIS compliant, inluding:
- The Compliance Policy
- The Compliance Process
- The Compliance Testing Schedule
- Compliance Testing Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Review a list of frequently asked questions from NEMSIS vendors and/or users.


Download the following tools and helps:
- Dataset Dictionaries
- Demographic Dataset Schemas (XSDs)
- EMS Dataset Schemas (XSDs)
- Database Scripts
- NEMSIS Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS)
- Test Cases & XML Samples
- Archive of Past Releases

Change Policy Process & Timeline

Policy and timeline for future changes to the data dictionary or dataset elements.

Change Log

View a list of the changes to the data dictionary and the XSD schemas (for Version 2.2.1).