Version 3 - Compliance Policy

Why NEMSIS Compliance Testing?
The NEMSIS Technical Assistance Center (TAC), funded by NHTSA, is responsible for providing assistance to state and local EMS entities transitioning to a NEMSIS compliant electronic Patient Care Reporting system (ePCR). Ensuring the accurate application of the NEMSIS standard across the EMS software market has been accomplished through the use of a compliance testing process maintained by the NEMSIS TAC. The compliance process is offered to all entities wishing to develop a field or state-level software solution for collecting, aggregating and transmitting ePCR information. The compliance process is offered free of charge and can be accomplished in a relatively short period of time.
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Who Can Submit Data into the National Database?
Through support provided by the Office of EMS at NHTSA, the NEMSIS TAC accepts EMS patient care data from states to populate a National EMS Dataset designed to facilitate research and performance measurement across the entire EMS industry. This Dataset is proving invaluable by increasing the quality and volume of research aimed at improving emergency care in the out-of-hospital setting. To ensure the precision and reliability of data contained in the National EMS Dataset, the NEMSIS TAC will not accept data from states collected using a software product that has not passed compliance testing offered by the NEMSIS TAC. The NEMSIS TAC compliance testing process is offered free of charge and is designed to minimize the time and resource commitment required by software developers to complete the process. Software products that have successfully completed compliance testing with the NEMSIS TAC can be found here.

The complete Compliance Policy can be found here: NEMSIS Version 3 Compliance Policy (pdf)