Version 3 - Schematron

Schematron is used in NEMSIS Version 3 to achieve better data quality by enforcing business rules and other constraints that cannot be enforced in the NEMSIS XML Schemas.

Explanation of Schematron:

Schematron: Schematron is a rule-based language for XML document validation. Schematron is an international standard defined in ISO/IEC 19757-3(2006).

Version 3 National Schematron Rules were developed in plain english through a consensus process by the NASEMSO Data Managers Council (DMC). The DMC membership was interested in an initial set of national rules designed to help assist EMS agencies across the nation document the national elements appropriately based primarily on good judgement and some clinical decision making. Using the plain english rules, NEMSIS TAC developed pattern-based national Schematron rules which were first published in 2014.

Updates were made in March 2015 to reflect the v3.4.0 release, in October 2015 to correct an Schematron critical error, in March 2016 with the v3.4.0160303CP1 and again in July 2016 with the v3.4.0.160713CP2 release.

An update to the NEMSIS Version 3.4.0 Schematron Rules was published January 1, 2017. There was no change to the v3.3.4 Schematron Rules file. The change updates a rule from "Error" to "Warning" for element eDisposition.19 - Final Patient Acuity.

NEMSIS Version (appending v3.4.0160713CP2) National Schematron Rules

State-specific Schematron Rules

  • To view state-specific Schematron rules, click on each state from the Version 3 Interactive map here
  • To view state Schematron file validation process, click here

Resources for Schematron Developers and Implementers

NEMSIS Version 3 Schematron Information & Educational Materials - Workshop Webinar & Recording

  • On November 12, 2014 the NEMSIS TAC offered a Schematron Workshop presented by Joshua Legler.
  • On January 14, 2015 The NEMSIS TAC offered an update on the Schematron / Validation Rules based on the v3.4.0 CR1 Release and the contents of the NEMSIS Version 3 Data Dictoinary. Joshua Legler presented the update.