Version 3 - Resources

The XSDs and Data Dictionary are available for reference by the EMS community for final development.

Questions regarding these documents can be submitted to Karen Jacobson (Karen.Jacobson@hsc.utah.edu).

NEMSIS Suggested Lists

Use of Suggested Lists for Existing Standards (Posted January 5, 2012. UPDATED - March 25, 2016)
NEMSIS V3 Suggested List – Example EMS Descriptor Position (Posted - June 5, 2013)

  dConfiguration.03 Procedures Permitted by the State (UPDATED - August 02, 2016) (excel)
  dConfiguration.04 Medications Permitted by the State (UPDATED - August 22, 2016) (excel)
  dConfiguration.07 EMS Agency Procedures (UPDATED - August 02, 2016) (excel)
  dConfiguration.09 EMS Agency Medications (UPDATED - August 22, 2016) (excel)
  eInjury.01 Cause of Injury (UPDATED - February 12, 2016) (excel)
  eScene.09 Incident Location Type (UPDATED - February 12, 2016) (excel)
  eMedications.03 Medication Given (UPDATED - August 22, 2016) (excel)
  eSituation.09 Primary Symptom (UPDATED - February 12, 2016) (excel)
  eSituation.10 Other Associated Symptoms (UPDATED - February 12, 2016) (excel)
  eSituation.11 Provider's Primary Impression (UPDATED - July 05, 2016) (excel)
  eSituation.12 Provider's Secondary Impressions (UPDATED - July 05, 2016) (excel)
  eSituation.17 Patient Activity (UPDATED - February 12, 2016) (excel)
  eHistory.07 Environmental/Food Allergies (UPDATED - November 08, 2016) (excel)
  eHistory.08 Medical/Surgical History (UPDATED - November 23, 2016) (excel)
  eHistory.06 Medication Allergies (Updated - October 22, 2013) *
  eHistory.12 Current Medications (Updated - May 19, 2014) *
  eProcedures.03 Procedure (UPDATED - August 02, 2016) (excel)
  eOutcome.08 ED Recorded Cause of Injury (Updated - May 17, 2013) *

* The White Papers for these elements are for guidance. The NEMSIS TAC will not be creating suggested lists for these elements because of the large quantity of possible codes. The NEMSIS V3 Suggested List Download Site does have a file for a few of these based on the pattern and recommended restrictions (e.g. ICD-10-CM: PT, HT, and RxNorm: IN, PIN, BN, etc.).

NEMSIS Version 3 Suggested Lists Download Site
(Publicly Accessible Datasets Updated - October 3, 2013; V3 UMLS lists Updated July 15, 2014)
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ICD-10 website resources:

  1. ICD10data.com - Please reference the ICD-10-CM Codes for most NEMSIS Version 3 Elements. ICD-10-PCS codes are used for Medical / Surgical History in v3.4.0.

NEMSIS XSD Dataset Guides & Usage

Approaches to using NEMSIS V3 Custom Elements (pdf) (Updated - May 5, 2016)
Recent updates:
March 2014, May 2016: The CustomElementID reference replaces CorrelationID, Use of NV
2) July 2013: Added a "Restrictions" section on page 11.
3) January 2013: Updates have been made to accurately reflect the nine custom elements (CustomConfiguration [6] and CustomResults [3]).

How to Utilize NEMSIS V3 Header Information (pdf) (Updated - January 31, 2012)

How to Utilize NEMSIS V3 "NOT values/pertinent negatives/nillable" (pdf) (Updated -November 04, 2013)

NEMSIS V3 "NOT Values" Use Guidance (pdf) (Updated FINAL - June 19, 2014)

NEMSIS V3 Demographic Dataset Submission Guide (UPDATED - January 27, 2017)

Sample DEM DataSet Schematron File - view (download) (Posted - February 7, 2017)

Use of GNIS Codes (pdf) (Updated - February 5, 2015)


NEMSIS V3 Resource Repository (Stash / GIT)

The V3 Resource Repository (Stash / GIT) allows software developers to integrate national and state-specific resources into their development environments or software products. This Guide provides instructions for accessing the NEMSIS V3 Resource Repositories using multiple methods.

Click here to access the NEMSIS V3 Resource Repositories (Stash / GIT)


NEMSIS Database Scripts

Database scripts have been made available for use and contain the full NEMSIS v3 Demographic and EMS standard. The database model follows the same structure as the NEMSIS v3 XSDs and are developed to be used with Microsoft SQL Server. Currently the database scripts use varchar(255) for all columns and do not create tables for group tags with a maxOccurs = 1.

Database Scripts (zip)



Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ICD-10 Information

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have a dedicated ICD-10 page on it's website. Information regarding mapping between ICD-9 and ICD-10-CM codes can be found on this page. Look for the ICD10-CM and General Equivalency Mappings (GEMs) information on the left side of the screen for further details and files.