Annual Meeting and Boot Camp Archive

Annual Meeting Resources (2020)

The NEMSIS v3 Implementation Annual Meetings bring together the many voices of EMS data. This group includes State/Territory Offices of EMS, EMS Software Vendors, NHTSA’s Office of EMS, and other National EMS partners. By facilitating critical conversations and open discussion, this gathering helps to ensure that the collection and utilization of EMS data meets the rapidly evolving needs of EMS service and care.

The 2020 Annual Meeting was held virtually over three days of presentations, dialog, breakout sessions, and discussion. Over 150 key EMS stakeholders participated. Located below are resources and presentations from the Annual Meeting.

Annual NEMSIS v3 Implementation Meeting 2020 Recordings
2020 NEMSIS Annual Meeting Day One 9-15-2020
2020 NEMSIS Annual Meeting Day Two 9-16-2020
2020 NEMSIS Annual Meeting Day Three 9-17-2020

Agenda and Notes
Annual NEMSIS v3 Implementation Meeting 2020 Agenda 
2020 NEMSIS Annual Meeting Breakout Session Notes – These are the notes captured during open discussion after the various Breakout Sessions.

2020 Implementation Meeting Facilitation Slides – This includes the facilitated discussion slides throughout all three days.
The Evolution of NEMSIS – The opening day presentation by Dr. Jon Krohmer and Mr. Eric Chaney, NHTSA’s Office of EMS, which describes the critical nature of accurate, timely, and actionable National EMS data.
EMS & Federal Regulation: Facilitating Bi-Directional Data Exchange – The presentation provided by Ryan Stark, of Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, concerning HIPAA and pre-hospital data exchange.
ET3 Model Presentation – The presentation provided by Neil Milan, CMMI, CMS, describing the implementation of ET3 and addressing frequently asked questions.

Annual Meeting Boot Camp (2020)

A Boot Camp is offered in conjunction with the Annual v3 Implementation Meeting. It is designed for new and learning State/Territory EMS Data Managers and EMS Directors. This interactive training creates and develops an increased understanding of and proficiency with the NEMSIS Data Standard, State/Territory specific tools, State/Territory support, and additional resources.

Boot Camp Resource Binder: This binder offers support material for the topics addressed during Boot Camp.
2020 Boot Camp Agenda