2020 NEMSIS Annual Meeting and Boot Camp

Day 1 (9/15/20)

Day 2 (9/16/20)

Day 3 (9/17/20)

NEMSIS Stakeholders, due to concerns about COVID-19 the NEMSIS Annual Meeting has been moved to an online format.

2020 NEMSIS v3 Implementation Meeting

The Annual 2020 NEMSIS v3 Implementation Meeting will be held virtually via Zoom on September 15th, 16th, and 17th, from 9 am – 1 pm (MT).

Session topics include:

  • National Custom Elements
  • v3.5 is Coming! Tools, Training, and Support
  • Improving Health Information Exchange/Bidirectional Flow of Data
  • ET3: Everything You Want to Know
  • Suggested Lists to Defined Lists
  • National Health Crisis: COVID-19 Related Changes
  • State Data Managers/EMS Directors: Data Sharing NASEMSO Resolution
  • NHTSA’s Office of EMS: Guidance for the Future
  • Data Submission Lag: Barriers and Solutions
  • EMS Software Vendor Compliance Q&A
  • EMS & HIPAA: Facilitating Data Exchange
  • Open Discussion Forum

Download the 2020 NEMSIS v3 Implementation Meeting flyer here:

Registration is free and available now by going to https://2020-nemsis-v3.eventbrite.com.


2020 NEMSIS Boot Camp (State and National Offices of EMS only)

We hope you will also join us on August 25, 2020, from 9 am to 12 pm Mountain Time when the NEMSIS team will be providing hands-on instruction for State Data Managers and state officials who are responsible for the collection, maintenance, and distribution of EMS data at the state level.

Download the 2020 NEMSIS Boot Camp flyer here:

Register for the Boot Camp at this link: https://bit.ly/NEMSISBOOTCAMP20

2019 NEMSIS Annual Meeting

Register for the NEMSIS Annual Meeting here.
Annual Meeting registration is now closed.

The NEMSIS 2019 Annual Meeting is scheduled for August 12-13 at the Silver Baron Lodge in Park City, UT.

Local Events, Outdoor Activities and Shopping available during your stay!

View the FINAL Agenda here. Updated 8/8/2019
View EMS Data Managers Invitation Letter here.

Software Vendors Registered for the Meeting

  • Stryker
  • American Medical Response (AMR)
  • Global Medical Response
  • Emergency Reporting
  • ZOLL
  • R1 RCM
  • Beyond Lucid
  • ESO
  • ImageTrend

Version 3.5.0 Revision

Careful consideration of posted requests for revisions to the NEMSIS 3.4.0 standard began in early October, during the NEMSIS V3 Implementation meeting, and continue through bimonthly V3 Implementation webinars and NASEMSO Data Managers Committee calls.





Version 3 Conference Calls

The NEMSIS TAC conducts Version 3 Implementation Conference Calls to assist Software Developer’s implementation of the NEMSIS Version standard. The calls are scheduled on 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm   Eastern Time (9:00 am – 10:30 am Mountain Time). The conference calls are hosted via join.me and the meeting code will be provided prior to the scheduled call. Continue reading “Version 3 Conference Calls”

2017 Annual Meeting Resources

The NEMSIS Technical Assistance Center (TAC)  held the annual meeting in Park City Utah at “The Lodges at Deer Valley” on October 2-3, 2017.  We enjoyed great participation and discussion of the attendees representing State Data Managers, Software Development Company, and EMS Agency representatives.

Take a look at the final agenda.   (updated 09.27.17)

Reference materials from the the meeting will be made available soon related to Work Group Recommendations:

  • Suggested Lists Work Group
  • Review National Elements Work Group
  • Development of a UUID for DEM and EMS DataSet files
  • Revising the eOutcome section
  • Splitting eDisposition.12

2017 Annual Meeting Registration

The NEMSIS Technical Assistance Center (TAC) will host our annual meeting in Park City Utah at “The Lodges at Deer Valley” on Monday and Tuesday, October 2-3, 2017.

Registration is now open here.

For your review, we have provided an agenda.   (updated 9.12.17)

The specific topics of discussion include:

  • Suggested lists for 18 elements using the existing standard
  • National elements to remove in the DEM and EMS Datasets
  • Development of a GUID for DEM and EMS Dataset files
  • Revising the eOutcomes section
  • Splitting eDisposition.12 into two elements

Please contact Bridget Valente at bridget.valente@hsc.utah.edu or 801-587-7361