2018 Annual Meeting Information

Greetings NEMSIS Stakeholders:

The mission of the NEMSIS TAC is to enable EMS systems nationwide to collect and make available for use all relevant data to ensure the best possible patient outcomes. As we strive to achieve this mission, we are mindful of the committed efforts of our NEMSIS stakeholders; we could not do this important work without your expertise and support. The meeting was truly a working meeting as we focused on revisions to Version 3 Data Standard. We thank you for joining us for the NEMSIS Annual Meeting which was hosted this year at the Silver Baron Lodges at Deer Valley in Park City, Utah on August 20th – 21st, 2018.

2018 (Final) Meeting Agenda

2018 Attendance Request Letter

Transportation Services To/From Park City

Evening Social Event Description (First Night, August 20th)

2018 Annual Meeting Workgroup Attendee List

Workgroup Pre-Materials:

Round One: Breakout Sessions 

a. Next Generation Schematron Business Rules

Background Materials: Schematron Assessment

Questions & Responses: Schematron Workgroup Questions & Responses

b. Devising an Approach to Minor Revisions

Background Materials: V3 Versioning and Release Policy, Versioning Schedule

Questions & Responses: Minor Revisions Workgroup Questions & Responses

c. Developing a Common Approach to Suggested Lists

Background Materials: Workgroup Recommendations

Questions & Responses: Suggested Lists Workgroup Questions & Responses

d. Late Breaking v3.5.0 Revision Requests

Background Materials: Revision Requests

Questions & Responses: Revision Request Workgroup Questions & Responses

Round Two: Breakout Sessions 

a.  Finalizing Revisions to eDisposition.12

Background Materials: PowerPoint Presentation, Element and Value Changes, Dispositions Mapping V3.4 to V3.5

Additional Materials for Review:  eDisposition.12 Question Discussions,  eDisposition.12 v3.5.0 Changes Questions,  eDisposition.12 Scenario Slides

Questions & Responses: eDisposition.12 Workgroup Questions & Responses

b. Reducing the User Impact of New Elements/Values

Background Materials: Summary Presentation 

Questions & Responses: Reducing Impact Workgroup Questions & Responses

c. Ratifying an Approach to UUIDs

Background Materials: Workgroup Recommendations, DEM Data Recommendations, Question & Answers 

Questions & Responses: UUID Workgroup Questions & Responses

d. Universal (all Vendor) approach to eOutcomes

Background Materials: eOutcomes Discussions

Questions & Responses: eOutcomes Workgroup Questions & Responses

NHTSA’s Office of EMS Data Use Video

“The NHTSA Office of EMS has created an engaging two-minute animated video that follows EMS data from the moment they are collected at the scene to when they are analyzed and used to improve care from the local to the national level. The video, intended for all members of the EMS community, highlights the importance of collecting and sharing accurate information, and the numerous ways agencies, policymakers, researchers and others use it.”  Check out the EMS Data Use Video

EMS COMPASS Performance Measures API


The NEMSIS TAC is developing an API allowing software products to request state and national benchmark data based on the EMS COMPASS measures. The technical guide outlines a beta development made available to software developers to provide feedback on the underlying constructs of the project. The V3 Performance Measures Service Technical Guide describes the available API and highlights its application and additional features that will be present in future releases.