NEMSIS Data Dictionary Version 3.4.0
NEMSIS Overview and Summary
The NEMSIS data dictionary was developed through a collaborative effort with the EMS industry including: web-based reviews, public comment periods, focus groups, industry dialogue, topic focused projects, and consensus. The National EMS Information System Version 3 represents a major revision from version 2 released in 2005. Adopting a broad perspective, the initiative to move to a 3rd version of the NEMSIS data dictionary was fueled by the need to improve data quality, enhance our ability to assess EMS performance, augment the flexibility of the standard for state adoption and, to move the NEMSIS standard into the Health Level 7 (HL7) organization for approval as an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard.
NEMSIS Version 3 Element Configuration from v2.2.1
NEMSIS Version 3 Element Configuration
Total Elements including the Custom Elements: 585
Excluding the Demographic and EMS (ePCR) Custom Elements: 561
NEMSIS Version 3.4.0 Data Dictionary Content
**Note: The numbers to the right of the content listed below represent the location for each element on the Sample Page of the Data Dictionary (page vi).
NEMSIS Version 3.4.0 Change Summary