V3 Forum

NEMSIS Version 3 Forum


The NEMSIS Version 3 forum is a communication tool available to interested NEMSIS stakeholders which provides an additional method for transparency and communications between the NEMSIS Technical Assistance Center and the EMS community. The purpose of this v3 forum is to allow EMS stakeholders the opportunity to collaborate and interact with others who are involved in the advancement of the NEMSIS standard. The NEMSIS v3 forum is general in nature and is intended to accommodate all NEMSIS topics, including technical software issues related to the Version 3 dataset and migration to HL7.

We encourage the following individuals to participate:

  • Software Vendors
  • State EMS Directors
  • EMS Data Managers
  • Local EMS Data Representatives
  • State Employees
  • Paid and Volunteer EMS Providers


Version 3.5.0 Revision Request Under Review

Instructions associated with the balloting process are included in the PDF files summarizing findings for the three revision categories.

The initial NEMSIS Version 3.5.0 revision requests have been grouped into three categories:

  1. Agile: Revision requests that are ready for review.
  2. Deferred: Revision requests that require additional information to adequately evaluate the value of the revision.
  3. Declined: Revision requests that are considered out-of-scope for a NEMSIS standard revision.

At this time the forum is not available for new request; however, you may review all submitted requests and comments here v3 forum.

NEMSIS Google Group

In addition to visiting the website frequently to stay up to date on NEMSIS standard, we also recommend that you subscribe to the NEMSIS Google Group.