EMS Educators

Welcome to the NEMSIS page dedicated to EMS educators.

As an EMS educator we want you to understand the value that your role has to the nation and the NEMSIS project:

  • Educators provide the curriculum and training necessary to prepare providers who are ready for 21st-century health care.
  • Educators play a huge role in creating a data-driven EMS culture so providers understand the significance and importance of a national data system.
  • Educators emphasize to their students the importance of data documentation, how it helps them professionally, and how it helps their patients.
  • Educators understand that each ePCR is a critical piece of state, local and national data repositories that are used every day by researchers and decision-makers to create a more effective and efficient EMS system.
  • Educators realize that data is the future and can be used to measure the effectiveness of EMS education.

The TAC is available to help educators explain the importance of data to their students and to provide additional tools about how data collection works.

Your role as an EMS educator is an invaluable service to the nation and is appreciated. Visit EMS.gov for more resource information related to NHTSA’s role in EMS activities.

Prior to using the Version 2 Data Explorer, we have created a tutorials to familiarize you with the tool and features, and we STRONGLY encourage review of the tutorials before attempting to use the data explorer interface.

Please utilize the public tools created for you below. These tools allow you to view public dashboards and use the National EMS (Version 2) Data Explorer which provides general data browsing access to a subset of data elements extracted from the National EMS Database.