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2020 NEMSIS Mid-Year Public-Release Research Dataset is now available!

The 2020 NEMSIS Mid-Year Public-Release Research Dataset includes 19,749,812 EMS activations submitted by 10,620 EMS agencies serving 47 states and territories during the first half of the 2020 calendar year. This mid-year release is provided due to overwhelming requests from researchers interested in investigating EMS response during the Spring outbreak of COVID-19. The dataset does not contain information that identifies patients, EMS agencies, receiving hospitals, or reporting states. EMS events submitted by states to NEMSIS do not necessarily represent all EMS events occurring within a state. In addition, states may vary in criteria used to determine the types of EMS events submitted to the NEMSIS dataset.

Please access the 2019/2020 Mid-Year NEMSIS Data User Manual associated with the NEMSIS Public-Release Research Dataset, the data dictionary for this dataset (ie. National elements only), and Extraction Instructions.

Extended definitions for some NEMSIS elements are also available. The list of states contributing to the 2020 Mid-Year Dataset can be found in the NEMSIS Data User Manual. A SAS code file is available providing sample code to create a table specification document for the dataset, a flat file (at event level) for multi-response elements and a re-format of data-time elements into a SAS date/time format.

The NEMSIS Data User Manual indicates the data elements that are made available for research. Additional elements are protected from public use in their native form. These elements may only be made available with the express permission from each individual state or as “de-identified data elements” (specified by the HIPAA Privacy Rule) using statistical manipulation to mask and anonymize value codes. Masked value codes may be grouped to address specific hypotheses and made available to researchers through use of the master Primary Key to link back to individual cases.

To make a request for data including additional NEMSIS variables, contact N. Clay Mann.

Much care was taken to ensure that the data are as clean as possible. All data submitted by states must comply with the XML standard and are exposed to several hundred error rules. However, for the most part, the NEMSIS TAC does not correct identified errors. The NEMSIS TAC does not have the resources to require states or agencies to correct errors retrospectively, but errors are reported to states, with hopes of future data refinement. Thus, the information contained in this dataset are provided as reported by states.

To obtain a thumb drive containing the 2019 NEMSIS Public-Release Research Dataset complete a request form digitally using Adobe Reader to sign and send via email, or post mail a request form with a written signature to:

N. Clay Mann, PhD, MS, MBA
University of Utah School of Medicine
Department of Pediatrics
295 Chipeta Way, P.O. Box 581289
Salt Lake City, Utah 84158-1220