Public Reports

Welcome to the NEMSIS page dedicated to the General Public.

As a member of the general public our goal is to provide some basic information regarding your potential role in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and an understanding of NEMSIS:

  • Public members are mindful that 911 and EMS are public safety resources intended for life-threatening circumstances, and abuse or misuse of ambulance services places stress on local services and providers;
  • Public members are conscience that EMS professionals are members of the community who often make great sacrifices to provide life-saving service to others, and they deserve our respect;
  • Public members can help EMS professionals offer the best care possible by providing the information providers need;
  • Public members understand thatYou are the help until help arrives”, by assisting with CPR, learning to stop excessive bleeding, or keeping an injured person warm and comforted, which helps EMS professionals save more lives;
  • Public member understand that NEMSIS was enacted as a result of terrorist acts of September 11, 2001, and EMS data collection helps us better prepare for natural and man-made disasters;
  • Public members understand that no personally identifiable information is stored in the NEMSIS national repository;
  • Public members understand that NEMSIS data can be used for injury and accidental death prevention and to measure the effectiveness of EMS care provided to communities across the nation.

Click on the links below to explore the NEMSIS public resource tools and the data. For more information about EMS, visit

Please utilize the public tools created for you below. Theses tools allow you to view public dashboards and use the National EMS Data Cube which provides general data browsing access to a subset of data elements extracted from the National EMS Database.