V3 Data Dictionaries & XSD

Version 3 Data Dictionaries & XSD

The NEMSIS/NHTSA Version 3 Dataset provide 578 data elements that can be implemented by an EMS system. National data elements are defined that should be collected for the National EMS Database, but additional data elements should be considered for use at the states and local levels de-pending on each state or local EMS system’s need.

NEMSIS Version 3 Archive
Previous versions of the NEMSIS Version 3 standard can be found on the NEMSIS Version 3 Downloads “Archive” page

NEMSIS Version Data Dictionary

Version 3 – EMS (PCR/Event) Dataset Schema
An EMS Dataset is a subset of information describing a complete EMS event. It includes information that is considered important from an EMS system, EMS personnel, and an EMS patient’s perspective. The data elements within the EMS dataset provide documentation of the system performance and clinical care.

EMS Elements: A comprehensive list of all of the potential elements that would be collected about an emergency event. (e.g. Patient name, unit #, crew members, provider impression, symptoms/signs, treatment: medications & procedures, disposition, outcome, etc.)

Version 3 – Demographic (Agency) Dataset Schema
The Demographic Dataset is a subset of information describing each EMS agency, EMS personnel, and important system information that is needed to generate reports at the local, state, and national level.

Demographic Elements: Defines the EMS system within an agency, region, or state (e.g. How many personnel, their certification levels, education, agency protocols, medications, procedures, units, etc.)