V3 Resources

Resources for Version 3

Welcome to the Version 3 Resources page. The resources on this page will aid with successful implementation of the version 3 data standard.

One of the resources available on this page is NEMSIS Suggested Lists, to learn more about the purpose of the lists, please read the Whitepaper and Suggested List Example – EMS Descriptor Position.

dConfiguration.03 Procedures Permitted by the State (UPDATED - August 02. 2016) (excel)

dConfiguration.04 Medications Permitted by the State (UPDATED - August 22. 2016) (excel)

dConfiguration.07 EMS Agency Procedures (UPDATED - August 02. 2016) (excel)

dConfiguration.09 EMS Agency Medication (UPDATED - August 22. 2016) (excel)

eInjury.01 Cause of Injury (UPDATED - February 12, 2016) (excel)

eScene.09 Incident Location Type (UPDATED - February 12, 2016) (excel)

eMedications.03 Medication Given (UPDATED - August 22, 2016) (excel)

eSituation.09 Primary Symptom (UPDATED - February 12, 2016) (excel)

eSituation.10 Other Associated Symptoms (UPDATED - February 12, 2016) (excel)

eSituation.11 Provider's Primary Impression (UPDATED - July 05, 2016) (excel)

eSituation.12 Provider's Secondary Impressions (UPDATED - July 05, 2016) (excel)

eSituation.17 Patient Activity (UPDATED - February 12, 2016) (excel)

eHistory.07 Environmental/Food Allergies (UPDATED - June 06, 2013) (excel)

eHistory.08 Medical/Surgical History (UPDATED - July 20, 2018)* (excel)

eHistory.06 Medication Allergies (UPDATED - August 18, 2017) * (excel)

eHistory.12 Current Medications (UPDATED - May 19, 2014) *

eProcedures.03 Procedure (UPDATED - August 02, 2016) (excel)

eOutcome.08 ED Recorded Cause of Injury (UPDATED - May 17, 2013) *

* The White Papers for these elements are for guidance. The NEMSIS TAC will not be creating suggested lists for these elements because of the large quantity of possible codes. The NEMSIS V3 Suggested List Download site does have a file for a few of these based on the pattern and recommended restrictions (e.g. ICD-10-CM: PT, HT, and RxNorm: IN, PIN, BN, etc.).

ICD-10 Website Resources – ICD10Data.com is a free reference designed for the lookup of all current American ICD-10 (diagnosis) and ICD-10-PCS (procedure) medical billing codes. Reference ICD-10-CM codes for most NEMSIS version 3 elements. ICD-10-PCS codes are used for Medical/Surgical History in v3.4.0.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ICD-10 Information – The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have a dedicated ICD-10 page where information regarding mapping between ICD-9 and ICD-10-CM codes can be found. Look for ICD-10-CM and General Equivalency Mappings (GEMs) information on the left side of the screen for further details and files.

Please contact the NEMSIS TAC for questions at nemsis@hsc.utah.edu.