Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is NEMSIS?

Answer: NEMSIS is the official EMS Data Collection Standard for EMS agencies, it is an Information Systems Compliance Architecture which allows the transfer of data between systems, and it is the National EMS Database.

2. Why is NEMSIS needed?

Answer: We need NEMSIS for consistent definitions for elements used in EMS and pre-hospital care settings.

3. Who does NEMSIS impact?

Answer: NEMSIS impacts all EMS providers and agencies across the continental United States and associated Territories.

4. How is NEMSIS data useful?

Answer: NEMSIS data is useful for evaluating and improving patient care, improving EMS curriculums, accessing resources for natural disasters and mass casualty incidences, and much more.

5. What is Version 3?

Answer: The NEMSIS Version 3 Data Standard is the latest standard that impacts EMS agencies, States, Territories, and software developers. It involves new data elements to be collected by EMS providers, a new compliance process for software developers or States who submit data to NEMSIS, and new reporting tools for all who are interested in EMS data.

NEMSIS Production System 2018 Maintenance / Downtime Schedule

The NEMSIS TAC has implemented a monthly production system downtime schedule for routine maintenance. The Version 3 web services and reporting services will remain online and available during these times unless specifically notified. Users may experience a brief delay during the downtime window.  The schedule is from Tuesday at 9:00 am through Thursday at 9:00 am Mountain Time.

Dates  listed below are for the primary maintenance days Tuesday and Wednesday.

Q1 2018

Q2 2018

Q3 2018

Q4 2018

January 9-10

April 10-11

July 10-11

October 9-10

February 13-14

May 8-9

August 7-8

November 6-7

March 6-7

June 5-6

September 11-12

December 11-12