NEMSIS Archive

Here you will find past releases of dataset XSDs, dictionaries, change documents, etc. All documents can be found in the git repository.

NEMSIS v3.5.0 CP1 (Release Date: 11/30/2019)

NEMSIS v3.5.0 (Release Date: 09/30/2019)

NEMSIS v3.4.0 CP2 (Release Date: 09/10/2020)

NEMSIS v3.4.0 CP2 (Release Date: 07/13/2016)

NEMSIS v3.3.4 CP2 (Release Date: 07/13/2016)

NEMSIS v3.4.0 CP1 (Release Date: 03/16/2016)

NEMSIS v3.3.4 CP1 (Release Date: 03/16/2016)

NEMSIS v3.4.0 (Release Date: 03/02/2015)

NEMSIS v3.3.4 (Release Date: 03/28/2014)

NEMSIS v3.3.3 (Release Date: 09/26/2013)

NEMSIS v3.3.2 (Release Date: 05/20/2013)

NEMSIS v3.3.1 (Release Date: 02/01/2013)

NEMSIS v3.3.0 (Release Date: 11/21/2012)

NEMSIS v3.2.6 (Release Date: 06/04/2012)

NEMSIS v3.2.5 (Release Date: 05/25/2012)

NEMSIS v3.2.4 (Release Date: 05/10/2012)

NEMSIS v3.2.3 (Release Date: 04/18/2012)

NEMSIS v3.2.2 (Release Date: 03/28/2012)

NEMSIS v3.2.1 (Release Date: 03/21/2012)

NEMSIS v3.2.0 (Release Date: 01/20/2012)

NEMSIS v3.1.1 (Release Date: 11/22/2011)

NEMSIS v3.1.0 (Release Date: 10/31/2011)

NEMSIS v3.0.5 (Release Date: 9/27/2011)