Version 3.5.0 Revision Requests

Updated May 29, 2018

Careful consideration of posted requests for revisions to the NEMSIS 3.4.0 standard began in early October, during the NEMSIS V3 Implementation meeting, and continue through bimonthly V3 Implementation webinars and NASEMSO Data Managers Committee calls.

For a brief description of the purpose of the review process watch this 1-minute video.

For a brief overview of suggested revisions proposed by NEMSIS Summer Workgroups and individual requests for revisions, watch this 7 minute video.

For an overview of reasons why a revision is under consideration, click here.

As the work continues, finalized revision recommendations will be posted here:

Addition of a Universally Unique Identifier

Description of UUID addition to the standard

Final recommendations from the Workgroup

List of Questions and Answers

PowerPoint presentation

Demotion (and Promotion) of Elements as National

PowerPoint presentation


New element constraints

Splitting of eDisposition.12

PowerPoint presentation

Element and value changes

eDisposition.12 V3.5.0 Split 3 Dispositions Mapping

Reviewed Individual Revision Requests

Reviewed Individual Revision Requests (Batch #1)

Reviewed Individual Revision Requests (Batch #2)

Reviewed Individual Revision Requests (Batch #3)

A searchable summary of all reviewed individual revision requests can be found here.

A revised timeline associated with the versioning of the NEMSIS standard can be found here.  As indicated by this timeline, all potential revisions to the NEMSIS V3.4.0 standard are scheduled to be reviewed by May of 2018, and finalized during the NASEMSO 2018 Annual Meeting, held May 21 – 24.