v3.5 Resources

This list is provided for interested stakeholders to easily find the NEMSIS v3.5 resources in one location. If you have any questions, or suggestions for a resource that could be added to the list, please use the Support page to send a message.

v3.5 National and State Elements Excel Document – A spreadsheet of all the national and state elements for NEMSIS v3.5.

NEMSIS Boot Camp 2021 Resource Document (PDF) – This document provides links to various resources for NEMSIS v3.5 implementation. Also contains contact information for NEMSIS TAC support staff.

National v3.4.0/v3.5.0 Schematron Rule Comparison – This document compares the differences between the rule-based language for XML document validation (Schematron) for NEMSIS v3.4 and v3.5.

NH Validations Reference for NEMSIS Resource – An example spreadsheet from New Hampshire building new rules for the state based on NEMSIS v3.5.

Data Dictionary Sample for NEMSIS V3.5 Boot Camp – The data dictionary sample is used to demonstrate and communicate the structure and content of NEMSIS v3.5 data, and provides meaningful descriptions for individually named data objects.

NEMSIS V3.4 – V3.5 Gap Analysis – A spreadsheet comparing the differences in elements and values between NEMSIS v3.4 and v3.5.