EMS State Data Cube

A username and password is required to access state specific information, if you do not have a NEMSIS account, please click here to request one. If you forgot your username or password, use the Forgot Password link in the footer section of the page.

The State EMS Data Cube has been developed to provide state data managers access to their own, nationally submitted, NEMSIS data across both V2 and V3.

Create a report using the V2 and V3 EMS Data Cube:

  1. Use Internet Explorer or Firefox browser for optimal performance.
  2. Click the link below to login.
  3. Select either V2 or V3 data.
  4. Review which NEMSIS National Data Elements can be extracted.
  5. Review a brief tutorial for quick tips and a better experience.
  6. Get started! Practice is the best teacher.

image of NEMSIS cube

Requirements to connect to the cube:

  1. Use Internet Explorer or Firefox as your browser
  2. Use the username and password provided to you by the NEMSIS TAC.
  3. Optional: Register nemsis.com as a secure site for proper exporting of data.
  • On your Internet Explorer browser click on Tools > Internet Options > Security tab
  • On the Security tab choose Local intranet and click on Sites and Advanced button
  • On the Add this website to the zone: enter https://www.nemsis.org and click Add button

NEMSIS V2 EMS Cube Data Dictionary & Resources:

A series of tutorials have been created to familiarize the user with the tools and features of the data cube interface. They can be found by clicking here.