Initial Draft of NEMSIS Versioning Timeline

Discussions held during the 2017 V3 Implementation Meeting in Deer Valley kicked off a review of the current NEMSIS versioning timeline for the V3.3.4, V3.4.0 and the future V3.5.0 standards.  Revisions were entertained and an initial draft revision of these timelines was developed.  These revisions were then reviewed by the Data Managers Council during the NASEMSO Fall 2017 Meeting, held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Additional revisions were made to the proposed timeline, based on discussions with the Council.  Below you will find the current initial draft of the new NEMSIS Versioning Timeline.  PLEASE NOTE: This NEMSIS Versioning Timeline is an initial draft version, not yet approved by appropriate stakeholder groups.

Initial Draft NEMSIS Versioning Timeline

PDF of the Timeline